Since 2000, Les Papillons have been elaborating exceptional, impressing and consistently vivid collages of well-known tracks they have borrowed from the archives of the past centuries of music history. What happens if you deprive a classical masterpiece of its seriousness, or if a pop song suddenly sounds like a piece written by Mozart, or if two fundamentally different compositions enter into a dialogue with each other? And what if you are at a complete loss and can’t pin down any of the melody sources at all?

In their adaptations, Giovanni Reber and Michael Giertz mainly draw on one vital emanation of our times: The condensation of things. Everything has to be quick, abundant, compact, and – on top of it – everything has to happen all at once. That’s exactly what Les Papillons will serve you – with one little difference: They do their utmost to restore form and esprit to this everyday chaos of musical impressions. And rest assured, you will certainly not miss out on great fun when listening to the sometimes quiz-like performances!

Les Papillons invite their audience to delve into their multifaceted universe. Engaging in witty playfulness and breath-taking virtuosity, spicing it all up with a pinch of drama and a good ear for a precise timing, they hold up a creative mirror to the world of music, while at the same time making a low bow to it.


Other milestones:

In 2016, Les Papillons won the audience prize of the "Herborner Schlumpeweck 2016"-Award.

In 2013, Les Papillons won the King’s Crown at the Fringe Theatre Festival „The Crowning“ in Aadorf, Switzerland.

In 2010, on the occasion of their 10-year anniversary, Les Papillons launched their second CD. The new album entitled „Le Grand Tour“ catches about 70 hits from 300 years of musical history.

In 2006, their debut album „Mémorïques“ came out.

In 2004, Les Papillons were awarded the Young Talents Award at the “Central European Fringe Theatre Awards” in Winterthur, Switzerland.

Michael Giertz (piano), born in 1966

Michael Giertz spent his musical childhood playing the violin. For many years, he self-educated himself to play the piano and, to his own amazement, passed the admission examination at the Academy of Music in Bienne, Switzerland, where he studied piano until he flunked out of school again… Subsequently, he studied music sciences at the University of Basle. At the same time, he took his first tentative steps on stage as a pianist for “Chanson Fatale” and as a violinist for “Music à la Crème“. After meeting Giovanni Reber, the two musicians set about a “humorous concerto evening” – the unforeseeable repercussions of which have been lasting until today…

Giovanni Reber (violin), born in 1981

Giovanni Reber never even contemplated passing an entry examination at a university in the first place. Instead, aged only 18, he started right away to turn the world of music upside down together with Michael Giertz. At the young age of four, a violin was thrust in his hands. Later on – and thanks to his career as a bartender – he found his own way to bring his instrument close to a young audience and made entire nightclubs dance to the tunes of his live performances. Today he is also active as a musical director of theatre groups.