Terms and Conditions


  • Grand or regular piano (further explanations usually necessary)
  • We must rely on the silence of our audience. It is thus of utmost importance to us that any bar and restaurant services are discontinued for the entire duration of our performance
  • We do not perform as background musicians or during an aperitif party
  • Duration of performance depends on the event: From short intermezzi up to our 90-minute concert programme (2 x 45 minutes).
  • In case of a non-theatre (private) performance, Les Papillons wish to be announced by the organiser directly before coming on stage in order to get the audience’s full attention.
  • No electric piano (only upon prior consultation and under special circumstances)


Amplified performances:

  • Two microphones for grand/regular piano
  • Amplifier (+ microphone cable to connect amplifier)
  • Loudspeakers (+ displays)
  • Audio-mixing console with reverb function


Depending on the room acoustics as well as on the nature and size of the event, our performance may or may not require amplification.